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ABRSM is the most popular and most recognized violin test in the world. Many students learn many important skills of the violin through the test. Today we take the third-level B3 track as an example to analyze some common points of attention.

Taking the ABRSM Emperor Violin Examination Grade 3 B3 piece as an example, we need to pay attention to the division of bow speed and how to raise the bow at the empty beat.

One, crescendo processing
The crescendo of bar 37 with a long note requires special practice in particular. Both the initial slow bow speed is required, and the bow pressure and speed are required to be increased at the bow tip.
two. Bow change, bow lift training ("draw the ellipse")
In the 22nd bar of the B3 track, it is a very classic empty racket bow raising exercise, which requires students to stably lift the bow back to the bow heel. The process of raising the bow is actually a process of "drawing an ellipse", as demonstrated in the video. This needs to be combined with bow practice, so that the bow is flexible and relaxed.
Taking the ABRSM Emperor Violin Examination Grade 3 B3 piece as an example, we need to pay attention to understanding the strength and weakness of emoticons and expressing the music as exaggeratedly as possible.

f symbol —— strong
mf notation ——– medium strong
dim mark ——- fade out
three, control the speed of the bow
For example, the quarter note G and the half note sharpened F in the 16th bar, we need to play two notes under the state of full bow and full bow, then we must adjust different bow speeds, because the quarter note is longer and the half note is long. It is short, so the half note especially requires us to slow down the speed of the bow, and we need to pay attention to the practice of slow bow speed in the basic skills, such as the speed of 60, the practice of six beats without bow, to ensure that we are pulling the music. Can bow well.
Fourth, fading processing
This is divided into the fading of notes and the fading of dim phrases. Notes fade out and fade out, we need to control bow speed and bow pressure to deal with it. But the fading out of the phrase requires us to find the target emoji, which is the weak middle of the mp in bar 54a, divided from the starting position. Spectrum analysis