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// Featured Guitars & Accessories //

41" Acoustic Folk Guitar

Solid spruce top proves improved tone and volume while the laminated Ziricote side and back provides a warm tone, 
Ziricote is a spectacular wood to use for acoustic guitar. It has incredible aesthetic and a spectacular sound, clearer than Indian Rosewood and more harmonic than Makassar Ebony.
Body: 41" Dreadnought Cutaway
Headstock/Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood
Body: Solid Spruce Top, Laminated Ziricote Side & Back
Tuner: Sealed
Rosette: 5-ring Mother-of-Pearl

Morgan Nordic 41" Acoustic N1-DC

The Morgan brand guitars, from Karl Morgan John, originated from Northern Europe and was famous for its partial-handmade guitar using traditional techniques and high-quality wood.

This allows their guitars  to have a superior quality at a competitive price, suitable for entry-level to intermediate level players. The brand comes from Karl Morgan John



Matte or Gloss Finish

Sitka Laminated Top

Mahogany Back & Side

Flatsons Crush-15 Light-weight 15W Amplifier

A multi-functional bluetooth busking amp that takes care of your every need, letting you jam freely to a backing track everywhere you go.



- plays directly from your phone via Bluetooth

- amplifies instruments signals

- microphone input w/ adjustable Treble and Bass

- ideal for busking and street performances

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