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// SMR Course Sign Up //

*每位報名 「免費體驗課程」,將免費獲贈《吉他學習筆記》系列七本電子書:

  1. 吉他初學到進階需要掌握的知識
  2. 非常實用的六個吉他練習方法
  3. 四點幫助有效率地練習音階
  4. 節奏不穩如何訓練?
  5. 吉他常用的效果器術語
  6. 什麼記譜方法最正統?
  7. 10種製造氣氛的吉他技巧


優惠只限新學員,《吉他學習筆記》系列電子書之下載連結, 將Appointy成功報名後一連七天以電郵方式發送。

// Gift Certificates Explained //


Enjoy a DISCOUNT when using Gift Certificates for payment

To encourage you for committing to a musical program, SMR is offering you a "6 Sessions for the price of 5" discount via our Gift Certificates.


College Band Pack:

Valued at: HKD$1,500

You only pay: HKD$1,250

(6 Sessions for the price of 5)

*(suitable for students taking Beginner level courses)

**(currency exchange rates apply) 

Pro Musicians Pack:

Valued at: HKD$1,800

You only pay: HKD$1,500

(6 Sessions for the price of 5)

*(suitable for students taking Intermediate level courses)

**(currency exchange rates apply)

Superstar Pack:

Valued at: HKD$2,100

You only pay: HKD$1,7500

(6 Sessions for the price of 5)

*(suitable for students taking Advanced level courses)

**(currency exchange rates apply)


// Reviews from Our Students //

// Appointy Sign up Guidelines //

Signing up for a course via APPOINTY system

Course sign ups with SMR are done through the Appointy System, where you can easily:


  • find the course you want;
  • the instructor for the course;
  • calendar displaying all the available time slots instructors have set aside for you.

How Appointy Works

Step #1

For easy visual reference, courses are coded into colours and two-letters abbreviations:

Purple for English sessions;

Yellow for Mandarin/Cantonese sessions;


FR= Free Trial Sessions

abrrv. 1st letter:

  • A= Acoustic Guitars
  • E= Electric Guitars,
  • B=Bass Guitars
  • U-Ukuele,
  • V=Violin


abbrv. 2nd letter:

  • B= Beginner level
  • I= Intermediate Level
  • A= Advanced level

Hence, a Yellow BB would stand for Bass Guitar Course conducted in Mandarin/Cantonese.

Whereas a Purple AA would be an Acoustic Guitar Course conducted in English.


Choose the course that you wish to sign up for and click NEXT.



Step #2

Choose the instructor whom you wish to learn from and click NEXT.



Step #3

Choose the date that fits your schedule, available slots are marked BLUE and unavailable slots are marked GREY.


Choose a date and click NEXT.



Step #4

Finally, choose a time of the day for your session...

You'll then be brought to the sign-in page.



Step #5

Type in a valid email address so you can receive an email containing the link to your online course. Then click NEXT.



Step #6

Fill in your First & Last name, follow by a set of password for you to access your Appointy account later for new course signups or amendments. Then click NEXT.



Step #7

If you signed up for a Free Session, you'll be asked 2 question to let us learn more about you:

1. Your experience in the instrument (number in years, '0' for no experience, '1' for 1 year, etc.)

2. Your reason for learning this instrument.


Click NEXT.



Step #8

You'll be presented with a preview of your signup. 

Make sure all details are correct, and click NEXT.



Step #9

Here you'll see your course signup confirmation. An email containing this information will also be sent to the address that you've filled in earlier during the signup process.


Good Luck & Have Fun !



Guidelines for Paid Courses Below

Step #7 (for paid courses)

Following Step #6, you'll come to the payment information page. Click on the lower right hand corner tab to continue to payment.


Step #8 (for paid courses)

If you've purchase one of our Gift Certificates, you can click on the Redeem tab to key in your #code (you can find this code in the email sent to you during your purchase).

When done, click PAY.

Step #9 (for paid courses)

If you're do not have a Gift Certificate and will be paying the full price, there are 2 forms of payment options:

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Card

Choose one and click PAY.

Step #10 (for paid courses)

Fill out credentials and click PAY.


Upon payment confirmation, you'll receive your course signup confirmation information, a separate copy will also be emailed to the address that you've filled out earlier during the signup process.


Good Luck & Have Fun !

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