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About Six Months Rebellion Music

At Six Months Rebellion Music we believe that music has no boundaries; so should learning a musical instrument.
Hence we want to provide a safe, easy and efficient way where you can learn from the comfort of your own home. 
We are Hong Kong based e-commerce company dedicated to providing the best way to learn a musical instrument online as well as acquiring the necessary instruments and accessories to do so.
Our Courses
Our music instructors are gathered from all over the world, each coming from a different background and a different time zone.
Sharing with you their professions, their cultures and perhaps each, a different story.
With that, not only are you (or your child) able to engage with people from all over the world, you'll also be able to find an instructor from a specific time zone who matches your own busy schedule.
Our Products & Services
Our products and services are catered to the needs of a beginner as our main focus. Knowing that the first step in buying a musical instrument can be confusing.
We make the online buying process easy for you, with a variety of products as well as recommendations and money-back guarantees.
Ensuring that your welfare is our concern.
Our Beliefs
We believe every musician has a 6 month's period where they would strive towards a set goal; be it learning a new song, preparing for a grading examination, a live performance, or writing a song.
While being rebellious is the key to music creation and having success at musicianship, thinking outside the box and not conforming to the status quo.
We value time and efficiency.
Our Vision
Anyone may have access to learning a musical instrument without boundaries.
Our Mission
To provide the necessary resources, tools and equipments for you achieve your learning goals.
Our Awards
SMR Music received awards from Carousell (2021-2022)
As <Best Merchant>
and received more than 150
five stars reviews from customers