With the continuous development and application of saxophone in the music industry, many parents and friends now also take saxophone as the first choice of musical instrument learning. Some parents think that saxophone is a very handsome musical instrument, some parents think that the timbre of saxophone is very beautiful, and that learning this interesting instrumentcan cultivate children's musical quality and specialty. Of course, many students were attracted by the glittering musical instrument after seeing the appearance of saxophone, and could not extricate themselves after experiencing its charm.



    When parents choose musical instruments for their children or give advice to their children, they usually have the following questions: Is this musical instrument suitable for children to learn? Is this instrument difficult to master?


Rimsky-Korsakov. Flight of the Bumblebee. Sofia Turina and Ksenia Kuptsova plays



    First of all, to learn saxophone, requires certain strength and breath, and saxophone needs the cooperation of teeth and lips, but this is definitely not limited by age. On the contrary, it will remind us that when we choose musical instruments, we need to determine according to the children's physical development.



1. Teeth


   When playing saxophone, teeth is very important. Many people will think: saxophone is played by mouth, why are teeth so important? In fact, the correct mouth shape of saxophone needs to be assisted by teeth. We need to bite the mouthpiece with the front teeth, otherwise there will be air leakage when playing. Therefore, many saxophone teachers will recommend that children choose to learn this instrument after changing incisors. Generally speaking, it is better to start learning after the child is 8 years old, but the specific situation also needs to be determined according to the child's personal physical development.



2. Breath power


   As we all know, saxophone is a wind instrument, so when we play, we need breathing organs to support our performance. Many people misunderstand the instrument in this case. They think that the instrument is a laborious instrument, and the person who plays the instrument must have strong physique. In fact, if we learn the correct playing methods and techniques, you will find that the pressure of breath and strength will be far lower than your imagination. In addition, if you can carry out the correct breath training, it is easy to find out how to play saxophone. A good instrument and other accessories will also reduce the power consumption required to play.


    However, if parents find that the children's heart and lung function is weak, then you must carefully choose to learn this instrument, otherwise the children may be tired during learning, and it is also very important to choose a teacher with rich teaching experience.



3. Music understanding ability


   Before selecting an instrument for children to learn, the most important thing is to determine whether the children are interested in it and need to properly let the children learn some basic theoretical knowledge of music to assist the children in learning, such as staff, basic theoretical knowledge of musical instruments, rhythm, etc.



Benefits of learning saxophone for children:






   Children learning saxophone can start to expand their personal thinking and cultivate their temperament early, and the tone of saxophone is very beautiful and close to the voice, so it is necessary for children to learn saxophone earlier. In addition, learning to play saxophone can also promote children's coordination ability, especially the coordination ability of brain, fingers, eyes and ears. Even long-term learning saxophone can also improve asthma, improve vital capacity and enhance cardiopulmonary function. Learning a musical instrument can also improve children's concentration.



Are there any saxophones suitable for young children?


   There are many children and parents who will feel very confused when they see this instrument: I like this instrument very much, but it is too heavy. It is too hard for me to play it. Because of the material and size of saxophone, it really needs some strength to play this instrument. And some children may feel that saxophoneis a little too long, so they will feel that their fingers cannot move flexibly and their arms are tired when playing.



   Therefore, many parents are asking whether there is a suitable model for children? In fact, you can't help but choose a small bend saxophone. This saxophone is much smaller than the ordinary mid-tone saxophone, and the requirements for breath are not very high. Therefore, children will feel much easier when playing. If you can obviously feel that its size is too large to master when playing mid-tone saxophone, you might as well try this saxophone.


   You have to pay attention to the fact that this saxophoneis a curved saxophone, but it is B-flat, which is higher than the tone of the mid-tone saxophone. Please pay attention to this problem when learning music.