When you first started to learn to play the etude or music, did you ever worry that you could not play beautiful notes? Have you ever suffered from not being able to play a complete piece of music or skill? Six months rebellion music has sorted out four tips for learning saxophone. As long as you practice, you can play beautiful music as well!

1. Basic skills practicing

If you want to master an instrument, basic skills are very important. They are like the foundation of a building. If the foundation is not strong enough, then the most beautiful building may collapse overnight. I believe many friends are still wondering, how can boring basic skills be so helpful to play music? In fact, a piece of music is often composed of different skills. The basic skills such as long tonestongue skills and scale practiceall allow us to practice various skills in a fragmented way, helping to improve our performance ability. If beginners only like to play music and do not pay attention to basic skills, then the problems such as timbre, breath, fingers and skills will become severer and severer with the improvement of the difficulty of the music, and the self-confidence of the players will be affected after a long time.


2. Pay attention to embouchure and breath practice

The embouchure is an important connecting medium between the human body and the musical instrument. Having the correct embouchure can also help us avoid most of the learning mistakes and let us play and learn happily and efficiently. In order to maintain the correct embouchure, we must pay attention to controlling the facial muscles, especially the mouth muscles. Insufficient strength of the mouth will lead to problems such asinaccurate pitches. However, ithe mouth uses too much strength, there will be squeaking or other noises.

saxophone embouchure & how to make a good sound (learning video)





In order to preform beautiful music, we should not only keep a good embouchure but also pay attention to our breath. Good and sufficient breath is often the basis of performance, which will make our music more coherent and full of impetus, and make our performance last longer.

5 Tips for Beginner Saxophonist to Increase Lung Capacity:



3. Timely adjust musical instrument fittings

If you want to play nice music, you should not only learn daily to improve your performance level, but also pay attention to choosing fittings that are suitable for you. Sometimes different fittings will have different performance feelings when combined. The mouthpiece is the source of the sound of saxophones. Choosing different materials or specifications of mouthpieces can directly affect the tone and style. Choosing a mouthpiece with a small tip opening will save energy and make sound easily, while a mouthpiece with a large tip opening requires more breath but the music will be more tension. In addition, the material of the ligature, the thickness of the reed and even the material of the musical instrument will affect our performance. Therefore, we need to adjust the fittings of saxophones according to our personal needs to find the most suitable configuration.

Six months rebellion music offers a variety of saxophone accessories for you to choose and match.

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4. Find a suitable professional teacher for guidance

There are many teaching videos and articles on the Internet, but these tutorials are not based on our own ability level or characteristics. Without communicating with the teacher, it is impossible to make real progress and correct mistakes only by one's own feelings. Over time, one may turn mistakes into playing habits. Professional saxophone teachers have rich experience in playing and teaching. A problem that has troubled you for a long time may be pointed out and corrected by the teacher right away.

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