We have learned that many students are very interested in the drum set recently, and many students and their parents have bought musical instruments and walked on their learning path. Why do more and more students begin to learn the drum set now?


   Many parents find that the drum set is a kind of musical instrument that requires the cooperation of hands and feet to complete the performance. In this process, it can greatly mobilize children's learning enthusiasm, train children's limbs coordination and promote the formation of children's active thinking consciousness in the right brain. At the same time, because the cerebral cortex can be exercised during practice, it becomes more sensitive. Many parents believe that continuous learning of this instrument can improve their children's attention, can make their children become more endurance and perseverance, so many parents and friends can learn more with one stroke, so more and more parents began to do for their children to learn the plan.





   In fact, many adult students are now learning to play the drum set. Many adult students think that drumming is a very handsome thing, and in the modern fast-paced life, when we play the drum to the rhythm of the music, it will appropriately relieve our pressure in life. Moreover, the drum set is also a relatively easy instrument to learn, and it only requires a high degree of concentration, listening and rhythm sense, without complex knowledge of music theory. Therefore, learning to play drums is also a very good choice for students with weak music foundation.





   However, there are a lot of students and parents learning the drum set will be a little confused:   the drum is too loud, every time the drum disturbs others, what should we doDoes a drum set that fits at home exsists? The timbre of drums is too simple, how can you make the experience of drumming better?


   In fact, the above problems can be said to trouble every drum students. Although the traditional drum set has perfect timbre and percussive feeling, the noise produced when playing is confused by everyone. If you're feeling the same way, try an electronic drum set.



NUX DM-7X electronic drums sound module playing all kits demo


Compared with the general drum set, the electronic drum has the advantages of:


 1.occupy a smaller space


  The electronic drum occupies a space of about 120cm*120cm, which is much smaller and easy to carry than the general drum set. This drum is especially suitable for practice at home, or for performing on stage.



2.volume, timbre can be adjusted


  The best thing about electronic drums is that they sound real, the volume is adjustable, and they have a wide range of sounds. In our daily practice, we no longer have to practice at will because of the limitations of time and place, and we can choose a variety of timbre we like, but also use the built-in functions of the electronic drum, full of fun and convenient practice, in daily practice will never be boring.


3.the sound principle is different


  While a traditional drum set generates sound through a vibrating drum on the drum skin, an electronic drum picks up a sound source through a trigger, which converts the signal into a corresponding timbole, and then changes it into a sound we can hear through a speaker or headset. Therefore, we can freely adjust the tone and volume of the drum, compared with the traditional drum set will inevitably seem boring.


   However, when choosing electronic drums, we should also pay attention to the choice of brand, some poor quality electronic drums will appear bad contact, tone is not real, knock feedback is not good, so choose a cost-effective electronic drum brand has become the most important thing at the beginning of learning.



Six Months Rebellion Music Selected Electronic Drum Set:




   This NUX electronic drum set is made of high-quality raw materials in deep cooperation with the famous Remo company. Each product has been rigorously tested and selected before production and is equipped with the latest trigger technology.




   If you have decided to buy a set of electronic drum to learn, then you might as well try electronic drum speakers, what is electronic drum speakers?

   It is a kind of speaker specially customized for electronic drum/original drum. It will promote and amplify the signal to drive the speaker of the box to sound, and then form the music we want to hear, so it plays a very important role in the transmission of sound. It can also be said that if you decide to learn electronic drums/originaldrums then you will definitely need a speaker, that speaker status is evident.

At present, there are many types of speakers on the market. We should also choose a high-quality speaker according to our own needs and exquisite workmanship.