In the last blog, Six Months Rebellion Music has introduced the classical and jazz genres of saxophone to you. Have you known anything about these two genres? Have you chosen your favorite genre? If you are passionate about the jazz style, you must read this blog carefully today! Are you ready to enter the jazz time of saxophone? Let's dive into the jazz world and experience the charm of jazz style!





   Jazz originated in the United States from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, and was born in the port city of New Orleans in the south of the United States. Its musical characteristics can be traced back to blues and ragtime. It can also be said that jazz is a "hybrid product" of the combination of white culture and African culture. The difference between jazz and other music types is that it is entirely based on improvisation and has the characteristics of swing. At the same time, this kind of music can reflect the strength and feelings of the early African-American people, and we can reflect the most original American style from jazz music.


You can click the video below to feel the style of jazz music:


The Very Best of JAZZ – Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Norah John, Diana Krall, Ella



Jazz saxophone style:


   In the early jazz bands, clarinet and other instruments were generally used, and no one had ever used the chromatic wind to play jazz, because the chromatic wind was an instrument that was used to be placed in the military band when it was invented. However, when the performer Sidney Bechet used this instrument to play jazz, more people also saw the charm of jazz style. It is precisely because of its metallic timbre and changeable music style that saxophone has attracted more and more attention from the jazz music industry. Although saxophone was not born for jazz at the beginning of its invention, its timbre was originally very close to human voice, so the timbre of saxophone is very similar to human singing or narration, which is also very consistent with the improvisation style of jazz and can play the most unique musical charm of saxophone. The jazz industry also agrees that saxophone has promoted the development of jazz to a certain extent.



   In modern jazz music industry, jazz style has become the main melody instrument in the band, and many people in the jazz industry believe that jazz and jazz style have become an inseparable combination.


   You can click the video below to enjoy the music charm of jazz style:

Careless Whisper – Vintage 1930's Jazz Wham! Cover feat. Robyn Adele Anderson & Dave Koz


   In the present agesaxophone has become the mainstream instrument in jazz. Even though saxophone is a relatively young instrument, it still makes people immersed in the charm of saxophone. Even the students who study the classical style of jazz will try to play jazz and experience the different charm of jazz in their daily music learning. If you want to experience the different charm of music and feel the difference in the performance style of jazz, you can try the metal saxophone mouthpiece. Because in our daily study, we usually use bakelite style mouthpiece, but if you want to quickly experience the changes in your performance and timbre, you can use metal style mouthpiece to quickly experience. This kind of metal mouthpiece has a brighter, clearermore transparent and stronger metal feeling. Even if you haven't mastered saxophone now, you can immediately experience the change of music style and timbre after changing this mouthpiece.



saxophone jazz masters and music:


   Since the development of jazz, there have been many famous jazz musicians. Today, Six Months Rebellion Music will introduce several jazz jazz musicians of different periods/times and their representative works, hoping to bring more music information and learning goals to you who like jazz!


Famous jazz jazz player:


Parker Charlie






John Coltrane






Dave Koz






Benny Golson






Eric Marienthal









Wonderful jazz music:


The Complete “Birth of Bebop”

The Charlie Parker Story ,Vo1.1 

Charlie Parker &Stars of Modern Jazz at Carnegie Hall

Jazz at Massey Hall

You are too beautiful

My one and only one

In a sentimental mood

Dedicated to you

I’ll be there

I believe

The shadow of your smile

Together again

Autumn leaves

I didn’t know what time it was

Moonlight in Vermont

Minor vamp

Here in my heart

Turn out the light

Beautiful liar

Get there

Imagine that