What is ABRSM?

   So far, the music recognition test held by the Royal Academy of Music Joint Committee (ABRSM for short) has become the largest and most authoritative international music certification test in the world. According to statistics, more than 650000 musicologists from more than 90 countries sign up for the music examination every year. With the continuous development, the authority of ABRSM has also been widely recognized. Therefore, many piano-playing children will set a goal for themselves when they begin to learn music: to obtain the ABRSM certificate.


    ABRSM refers to a music level test jointly organized by the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal Norton Conservatory of Music and the Royal Scottish Theatre Academy. This test is mainly to give the students a more authoritative and internationally recognized level test, so that the majority of music lovers’ music level can be fairly evaluated and appreciated by the world's top music scholars. Through ABRSM, you can have the most real understanding of your performance level, and also know your shortcomings in the process of music learning. ABRSM also hopes that this test can encourage real music lovers and promote the development of music.





    I believe that you have participated in various tests in the process of learning saxophone, and  many students reckonthat the so-called grade test is to play the practiced music once in the test. However, the difference between ABRSM and other music level tests is that it pays more attention to the overall music accomplishment and level of learners. If you only focus on music in your dailypractice, you should be careful! ABRSM is a test of music theory knowledge and basic skills of saxophone! At the same time, ABRSM is divided into different ability levels, and you can also register according to your own needs:



1. Band 1-8 Instrumental Music Examination

2. Higher diploma (higher diplomas can also be divided into three grades: junior diploma, higher diploma and academician diploma)






If I want to register for ABRSM, how do I prepare?


    According to the official requirements of ABRSM, if you want to apply for saxophone, it is far from enough to only study and perform music. In the relevant regulations, it is clearly required that the instrumental music examination should not only prepare the prescribed repertoire, but also test the scales, arpeggios and chords. At the same time, ABRSM will also test your music accomplishment and ability, such as:  sight read,sightsinging and listening.


    We can purchase the relevant books or check the official list of ABRSM's required songs for the test, and then we can practice. But up to now, many students are still thinking about how to prepare for the music theory level test?



1. Scale and arpeggio practice

Six Months Rebellion Music has introduced the scale practice of saxophone and the importance of basic skills in the previous two blogs, and also explained how to practice. You just need to pay more attention to the scales of different tones and master them in your usual practice, so you don't need to worry about the relevant tests in ABRSM.


Do you think saxophone scale exercises are
boring?Five minutes to teach you how to practice
happier-Saxophone Scale Exercise Manual:



2. Sight read 

In order to test musical ability, ABRSM will also let players perform unfamiliar music scores on the spot. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to developing their ability to read scores and improve their ability to read staff scores in ordinary practice.



3. Music theory and application test

In the applied music test, the examiner will also ask the students about their music knowledge, such as their understanding of melody, rhythm and even musical form. Sometimes, the examinees will be required to directly play out the questions they ask.

Therefore, we should pay attention to not only the playing level of musical instruments, but also the basic theoretical knowledge of music when learning saxophone, otherwise your ABRSM test will be greatly hindered.