We have introduced the oboe, flute and clarinet in the previous blog, and I believe you have had a certain understanding of these three instruments. We have also introduced three kinds of four instruments in our woodwind quartet. Today, Six Months Rebellion Music will introduce the last instrument in the woodwind quartet, It is also the largest instrument among the four instruments – bassoon.


    Although Bassoon has a large volume, it is also a member of the oboe family. The Italian writing of this instrument is Fagotto, which means "a bundle of firewood" in Chinese. Isn't it very vivid? We have previously likened the oboe to a "lyrical soprano", the flute to a "coloratura soprano", and the clarinet to a "speaker in the band". But in fact, Bassoon's charm is varied. We can call it a "clown" in the band, or a "cello" in the orchestra. Why?





Bassoon is a bass woodwind instrument played with double reed. The tube body is composed of four parts. Of course, its mouthpiece is also made of two reed pieces, and then it is assembled on a curved "s" shaped metal tube. The reed of the bassoon is very similar to that of the oboe, but it is larger than that of the oboe.



  When you first appreciate bassoon, you may think: Why is the sound of this instrument so low? In fact, it is usually responsible for the bass part in woodwind quartet or orchestra, but this does not mean that bassoon can only play bass. In fact, bassoon has a very wide range. It can play more than three octaves, which has exceeded many other woodwind instruments. Therefore, bassoon has many applications in chamber music, symphony orchestra and solo. Because the bassoon has a wide range and very special timbre, many composers also have a special liking for it. It can also be said that the bassoon is an irreplaceable instrument.



    Now please enjoy a symphonic music: Peter and the Wolf. Can you feel Grandpa talking? Yes! The instrument playing this part is the bassoon. Does it imitate Grandpa very much?


Peter and the Wolf, Bassoon solo



    Next, please enjoy a piece of music: "Mother Goose Suite". Can you feel the application call of Mother Goose to goslings?


Ravel – Ma Mere l'Ove (Mother Goose Suite) arr lain Farrington – Ensemble 


Finally, please enjoy a bassoon quartet: "Flight of the Bumble Bee". Can you feel the vitality of bees and the determination to attack villains?


The Flight Of The Bumblebee Bassoon Quartet




    After enjoying the above music, can you feel the unique charm of this instrument? The famous composers Mozart, Ravel, Weber and Vivaldi have created many works for bassoon. Because the sound of bassoon has unique charm and strong dramatic expression ability and can imitate many characters, the composers love this instrument, and many modern music also like to use bassoon to express the promotion and development of story complex.


Bass area: The bass area of bassoon is solemn and has some gloomy colors. When we enjoy the music of symphony orchestra, if there are some insidious and dark characters, they are usually depicted by bassoon. At the same time, it can also be used to express some sademotions or story plots.


Midrange: The timbre of Bassoon is usually described as pale, thin and so on by many people, but if we listen carefully, its midrange area has different colors. We can hear more warmth, naivety and fullness, which is one of the reasons why bassoon has strong imitation ability.


High pitch area: Because the overall tone of the bassoon is low, the high pitch area of the bassoon is not sharp, but has some tender and warm colors. In the music, it can be used to express some serious feelings and also to express the inner feelings of the characters. And because of its wide range and changeable timbre, bassoon can also be used to create some more humorous characters to highlight the style of the music.


How is thatDo you like those great composers who are fascinated by the bassoon, a charming instrument? Bassoons are mostly made of maple and other wood materials. At the same time, you need to wear a neck band to play. You can choose according to your own preferences and needs.


MARGEWATE Maple Wood Bassoon C tone Silver plated keys 26 Keys MFG-810 with Case