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Piano/keyboard, the best instrument to kickstart your music learning journey!

Did you know that...

  • learning piano or keyboard is easier than it looks, adults can also have special advantage to pick it up.
  • you can understand what seems difficult in music theory with a clear explanation from professional instructors.
  • You can easily sing along while you play piano/ keyboard by just learning a few chords.


SMR Online Piano/Keyboard Course is for you

You will be learning from one of our instructors who's experienced in solo piano performance, concert/ band preparations, music production using keyboard/ MIDI and music examinations preparations 

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You will learn:

  • fundamental skills of playing the piano/ keyboard (our instructor will assess your level and match it will proper learning materials);
  • to play the songs you like no matter they are classical or popular songs, just match your interest;
  • Music theory that are simple to understand: key of the song, melody line, scale and chord progression;

All of our instructors are carefully selected based on their ...

  • teaching style and abilities;
  • clear and effective communication;
  • language abilities (all instructors are fluent in English);
  • experienced in online teaching (such as Zoom or Skype), they know how to position their camera and show you the fingers movement and also the played keys on piano

Are You Ready to Learn with Us?

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Instruments: Piano/Keyboard

Language: English



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