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Do you have a strong passion to learn guitar / bass? You have come to an online classroom that helps you!

Are you:

  • A full time worker who wants to be a rock star but want to learn anywhere with flexible schedules ?
  • wishing to find a teacher to guide you to get a pass in grade exam like Rockschool online?
  • A parent who just found that your kid has potential to be a talented guitarist / bassist?

You have come to a right place!

Why Remote-teaching?

The pandemic is changing the way we conduct classes.

Traditional face-to-face instrumental class needs students to come to particular place/ centre to learn with teachers. It needs extra energy and it is less flexible in terms of schedule and location. 

Seeing this change in the teaching trend, Six Months Rebellion Music launched remote guitar and bass classes to provide flexible learning modes for our students

This online learning platform is for you.

We recruit our teachers from different countries with music degree backgrounds and many experiences on teaching, music production and performing on stage, they specialise in:


-Blues / Rock




-Pop songs

-Music Theory

All of the teachers are carefully selected by the way they teach and communicate, they speak fluent English and patient on teaching. They had been using online methods such as Zoom or Skype to teach so they know how to conduct an effective course.

Worried about the teaching quality?

Nothing to lose! Just book our FREE trial class to meet with our professional teachers and you will be surprised by the class they provide.

Our Customer Review:

Our Acoustic and Electric Guitar Teachers:

Rock, Art Rock, Metal, Progressive, Alternative, Sound Design and a variety of playing in different styles.

Hi, I’m Vipshan and guitar is my main instrument. I work as a music producer too.

What you will get:

I have designed a unique curriculum to start learning in a different basis. Since most teachers teach from the same type of syllabus, I have modelled the classes for you to become more creative in developing yourself to be exceptional and standout in your own playing style. I’ve been teaching students from various countries already via zoom classes and have had a very good feedback from them.

  • I have organized a firm groundwork of practical and theoretical lessons that connect yourself with your talent and creativity.
  • The classes will be organized with clear presentations and will be provided with learning materials.
  • The learning material will be modified according to the student’s interests and likings in the type of music they are interested in.
  • You will be getting a weekly analysis of what has been taught throughout the week and the progress the student has made, so to be clear you haven’t missed out anything.

I have linked the music I have produced with various instruments. Let’s become an outstanding guitarist and a better musician together.

Chee Seng

I am a guitar player based in Kuala Lumpur specialising in the area of contemporary music. Have been playing for more than 10 years. Throughout this journey of mine I have made a fair amount of original music, arrangement, recording guitar, performing, teaching, etc.

I also think that it would be great for me to share some of my musical values to any of you out there who might need help getting started.  I would be looking forward to work with all of you out there through SixMonthsRebellion.

Some of the things you will learn:

Technique :

LH/RH movement, posture, effeciency, etc

Musical fundamentals :

This will include a variety of musicianship skills that you would need in your practical playing. Such as aural, music theory, harmony.

Improvisation :
You would be focusing more on chord scale relationships. (Modes, Arpeggios, Harmonic Analysis)

Music Tech related :
Finding a good sound with the instruments and gear that you currently have right now. (Tweaking pedals, amp, learning how to properly audio record with what you have or might need)


From Malaysia, Joyie Lai had been playing guitar for about 10 years and had a degree in contemporary music at UCSI majoring in guitar after she graduated from her high school. Joyie have achieved awards such as the No Black Tie Award at the 2nd Malaysian Jazz Talent completion and being a finalist for the 3rd Penang International Fingerstyle Guitar Competition. She also have performance experience such as Singapore Jazz Festival, World Youth Jazz Festival. Joyie gain her inspiration from many guitarist such as Pat Matheny, Mateus Asato and Mark Letteri (Snarky Puppy) 

李星鋒 (Eddie Lee) 

台灣吉他手 / 作曲 / 編曲





彈奏、創作、教學 總帶給我能量













。Guitar Basic Skill 基礎技術

。Rhythm Style 節奏概念

。Scales 音階

。Pentatonic Scale 五聲音階 

Blues 藍調 

R&B 節奏藍調

Mode Scales 調式音階



Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Jeff Beck, Michael Landau, Eiji Kadota, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Ryuichi Sakamoto, LUNA SEA.


2015 2017 2018 2019 







。成立Slow Guitar Workshop吉他教學工作室


。台灣LUNA SEA後援會西門町Apa808表演活動,與燕尾蝶樂團同台

。高雄ATT聯合搖滾,與So What等樂團同台



。高雄夏日搖滾派對邀請團,與Lazy Lady樂團同台





Our Bass Teacher:

Travis Tan

Session Bass Player, Band Leader & Music Producer | Funk, Rnb, Soul, Rock, Pop, Latin, Jazz and more!


Hello! My name is Travis. I really love playing bass and I’ve been doing so for 9 years now. 

The best part for me has always been playing and creating with other musicians. 


I believe the more you learn how to play your instrument, the more fun music becomes! And I believe learning should be exciting, strategic and an adventure. 

Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for a while, join me for a FREE trial class that’s especially catered to your level and musical taste.


In my lessons you will learn:

  • Left and Right Hand  Techniques

i) How to play the bass with comfort and efficiancy.

ii) Developing the right habits to avoid injuries or sloppy playing.  

iii) Develop speed and dexterity.


  • Rhythm & Groove

i) Learning how to keep time while playing a solid bass line. 

ii) Breaking down and studying classic bass lines and understanding the role of the bass guitar in different types of music. 


  • Music Theory

i) Understanding scales, arpeggios, chords and modes and its uses. 

ii) Learning how to transcribe songs by ear. 

iii) Sight-reading sheet music


  • Improvisation

i) Learning to create or improvise bass lines for different genres of music

ii) Improvising bass solos 

iii) Chords on electric bass



Jazz Bassist - A well-qualified and inspirational teacher of music, also a bass guitar and upright bass specialist. 


My name is Duy, but you can call me "Dan". I graduated from in Bass Department - Hanoi Conservatory of Music in Viet Nam in 2018. I have worked as a Music Teacher/ Bass Player in Trio Band from 2019 to the present with responsibility for delivering fun and effective lessons that lead to the engagement of pupils in all ability ranges. I already have had 12 students from all the cities in my country, and COVID-19 happened, I teach them via Zoom and Skype. I speak English fluently, therefore, I will teach you well.

After the Online Bass Guitar course with me, what do you get?

  • Know how to play bass guitar and upright bass.
  • Prepare a solid basic foundation of musical theories and concepts which guide students to freedom of thinking and creativity.
  • Maintaining a well-organized classroom with appropriate displays, resource areas, and learning materials.
  • Presenting clearly, by using language appropriate to the age of pupils

Let's see my videos below and become a bass player with me!

Instrument-Online Class Terms:

-We have 40 minutes FREE trial class with our selected teacher


-After the trial class, guitar teacher will base on your skills to recommend class relevant to your level


-There are three levels: Beginner Class ($200HKD) / Intermediate Class ($250HKD)/ Advanced Class($300HKD), Service charge is different among different teachers, please refer to Appointy


-Single session class: Deposit of 20% will be charged for booking a class, the remaining class fee will be charged after class by the Appointy system


-Each class is 40 minutes with homework and class materials


-Package Plan (Gift Certificate):buy 5 lessons get 1 free,the gift certificate has to be used within 30 days after purchase. 6 Classes that can be scheduled by using the redemption code of the gift certificate, Up to 60 days from purchase of the gift certificates


-Need to have appointment with teacher 1 day before i.e. if you wish to have lessons on 2pm on Friday you have to book on or before 2pm of Thursday. Class within 24 hours cannot be rescheduled and will be counted if student cannot attend.


-Class of some teachers are available: From Monday to Sunday, 9:00 to 24:00, just learn whatever time you want and our teaching team is ready!

*All teachers can teach in English, Joyie, Eddie, Chee Seng, Travis can teach in Cantonese and Mandarin


-Booking and Appointment:

Whatsapp:+852 54602251


Facebook: Six Months Rebellion Music

Make an appointment now: