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Just an easy instrument to start with - the magical Ukulele

Are you :

- A parent who wants your children to start their musical life and develop musical talent earlier?

- A passionated teenager who always want to bring along with an ukulele to share music with other friends?


You can now enroll in our online Zoom Ukulele Class to learn instantly with our musician!

What's good about Zoom distance learning model?

- You can book easily with our Ukulele Teachers 24 before, let your children learn safely at home without wasting energy on travelling

-You can access to class recording to observe how your children learn throughout the lesson. Also you can look at the style of teaching by our musician to make sure the teaching suits your children

Our Ukulele Teaching Team:


Ukulele, Fingerstyle, Sound Design and a variety of playing in different styles.

Hi, I’m Vipshan and guitar| ukulele is my main instrument. I work as a music producer too.

What you will get:

I have designed a unique curriculum to start learning in a different basis. Since most teachers teach from the same type of syllabus, I have modelled the classes for you to become more creative in developing yourself to be exceptional and standout in your own playing style. I’ve been teaching students from various countries already via zoom classes and have had a very good feedback from them.

  • I have organized a firm groundwork of practical and theoretical lessons that connect yourself with your talent and creativity.
  • The classes will be organized with clear presentations and will be provided with learning materials.
  • The learning material will be modified according to the student’s interests and likings in the type of music they are interested in.
  • You will be getting a weekly analysis of what has been taught throughout the week and the progress the student has made, so to be clear you haven’t missed out anything.

I have linked the music I have produced with various instruments. Let’s become an outstanding guitarist and a better musician together.


Arnie’s musical roots came from being in the blood line of musicians getting the earliest influence from his father then a member of the “Lumber Jacks”.


He started to discover his talent playing guitar in 1994, at the age of 13. Having “it” on his genes, he never stopped playing guitar and kept developing his styles and techniques. He is a self-taught guitarist. His musical influence includes Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, John Petrucci, Lee Ritenour, Tuck Andres and Michaelangelo.


He was then the brainchild of the band when it was formed in 2001. He also collaborated with different bands then and his exposure and experience defined his musical prowess. Most of the band’s rhythm and melody section were arranged by Arnie. With the band, Arnie is evolving to be a complete musician in all genres. With perseverance and determination the group hopes to be a work professionally abroad.

Instrument-Online Class Terms:

-We have 40 minutes FREE trial class with our selected teacher


-Class fee is $200 HKD per class


-Deposit of 20% will be charged for booking a class, the remaining class fee will be charged after class by the Appointy system


-Each class is 40 minutes with homework and class materials(in pdf form)


-Package Plan (Gift Certificate):buy 5 lessons get 1 free,the gift certificate has to be used within 30 days after purchase. 6 Classes that can be scheduled by the gift certificate will be within 60 days after the gift certificate is used


-Need to have appointment with teacher 1 day before i.e. if you wish to have lessons on 2pm on Friday you have to book on or before 2pm of Thursday


-Class of some teachers are available: From Monday to Sunday, 9:00 to 24:00, just learn whatever time you want and our teaching team is ready!

*All teachers teach in English


-Booking and Appointment:

Whatsapp:+852 91590516


Facebook: Six Months Rebellion Music

Make an appointment now: