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SMR Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Arnie | Guitar/Ukulele Instructor


Playing Style: 

Jazz (Electric Gutar), Ukulele


Teaches in:



Guitar Instructor, Music arranger and Music Transcriptionist

About Arnie |

Arnie’s musical roots came from being in the blood line of musicians getting the earliest influence from his father then a member of the “Lumber Jacks”. He started to discover his talent playing guitar in 1994, at the age of 13. Having “it” on his genes, he never stopped playing guitar and kept developing his styles and techniques. He is a self-taught guitarist. His musical influence includes Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Greg Howe, John Petrucci, Lee Ritenour, Tuck Andres and Michaelangelo.


He was then the brainchild of the band when it was formed in 2001. He also collaborated with different bands then and his exposure and experience defined his musical prowess. Most of the band’s rhythm and melody section were arranged by Arnie. With the band, Arnie is evolving to be a complete musician in all genres. With perseverance and determination the group hopes to be a work professionally abroad.

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