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SMR Guitar/Ukulele Instructor

Vipshan | Guitar/Ukulele Instructor


Playing Style: 

Rock|Art Rock|Metal|Progressive|Alternative|Sound Design|a variety of playing in different styles.


Teaches in:



Vipshan is not only a guitarist and a ukulelist, his also a music producer 
Course Content:
  • I have organized a firm groundwork of practical and theoretical lessons that connect yourself with your talent and creativity.
  • The classes will be organized with clear presentations and will be provided with learning materials.
  • The learning material will be modified according to the student’s interests and likings in the type of music they are interested in.
  • You will be getting a weekly analysis of what has been taught throughout the week and the progress the student has made, so to be clear you haven’t missed out anything.

About Vipshan |

Hi, I’m Vipshan,

I have designed a unique curriculum to start learning in a different basis. Since most teachers teach from the same type of syllabus, I have modeled the classes for you to become more creative in developing yourself to be exceptional and standout in your own playing style. I’ve been teaching students from various countries already via zoom classes and have had a very good feedback from them.


Check out the linked music that I have produced with various instruments.


Let’s become an outstanding guitarist and a better musician together.

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